Go Citrus


The project (GoCitrus) focuses upon the detection, the phenotypic and genetic determination of specific native citrus genotypes as well as the preservation of the native citrus genetic material which possesses unique composition of primary and secondary metabolites, capable to be industrially utilized. In order for the project to be successful, several tasks have been established which focus upon the localization, the preservation, the in situ characterization of native citrus genotypes, with parallel control of the phytosanitary status of the native genotypes. Furthermore, several qualitative, biochemical and metabolic characteristics of the native citrus genotypes will be determined with outer purpose the determination of specific bio-functional substances. Also for each native citrus genotype a molecular genetic determination will be performed along with whole genome sequencing, development of functional molecular markers, genomic and epigenetic analysis, so as to facilitate the identification and highlight the unique qualitative characteristics of the native citrus genotypes.

Participating agencies:

  • HAO-DEMETER / Institute of Olive tree, Subtropical crops & Viticulture (Dr. Vasilios Ziogas, Researcher, Coordinator)
  • HAO-DEMETER / Institute of Genetic Improvement and Plant Genetic Resources, Thermi Thessaloniki (Supervisors: Dr. Ioannis Ganopoulos and Dr. Irini Sarrou, Researchers)
  • HAO-DEMETER / Institute of Soil and Water Resources, Thermi Thessaloniki (Supervisor: Dr. Georgia Tanou, Researcher)
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – School of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Environment – Department of Agriculture – Laboratory of Pomology (Supervisor: Professor Athanasios Molassiotis)
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – School of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Environment – Department of Forestry – Laboratory of Forestry Genetics and Genetic Improvement (Supervisor: Professor Filippos Aravanopoulos)
  • «Hellenic Plants» company, Ksylokastro Korinthias (Supervisor: Salis Sotirios)
  • “Vitsios Nurseries” company, Vlacherna Artas (Supervisor: Vitsios Efstratios)
  • Fresh fruit standardization and marketing company “Creta Taste SA”, Agia Chania (Supervisor: Georgios Katsouras)


General Secretariat of Research and Technology, 2nd cycle of Single Action “Research – Create – Innovate” (Intervention II).

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